Why is Customer Loyalty Program important for your restaurant?

Customer loyalty is an emotion that connects your customers with your restaurant and hotel. And a right customer loyalty programs keep your loyal customers visiting your restaurant over and over again & assures that your customers prefer you over your competitors.


Cost of acquiring a new customer for your restaurant is always higher than retaining your old customers, therefore running a customer specific loyalty program should be a crucial aspect of your marketing strategy to stimulate sales growth of your restaurant.


Customer satisfaction is a rating, customer loyalty is a brand! Customer Loyalty has become one of the biggest challenges not only in the restaurant and hotel business but in the entire corporate world. Companies always have to analyse the changing demands of the customers and offer them products & service accordingly.

This is the reason they spend a huge part of their expenses for customer loyalty programs by doing R&D on various marketing strategies like offering discounts, creating campaigns, offers etc. In case of restaurants, marketing strategies gets limited as it is mostly service based, and there is no proper data collection of your customer feedback’s.

My own experience taught me, just a fair combination of price & quality can’t bring your hotel/restaurant customer loyalty. To corroborate my statement, I will share one of my experiences, last month, I went to a new café nearby my office and ordered a white sauce pasta and a hot coffee. The pasta tasted a bit more salty than usual, so I asked them whether they could do something, and they replaced it instantly. I felt so pleased that since that day I started visiting that cafe regularly.

The cafe earned my loyalty and ultimately a repeat customer. Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty go hand in hand. And customer feedback helps you gauge and improve your customer satisfaction level. However, many hotels & restaurants fails to receive and interpret customer feedback because of lack of a proper software management system which can collect customer’s feedback in the form questionnaire which can later be stored as data to view and analyse feedback’s in varieties of simple & comprehensive charts and other formats.

We, Feedback Legend, fill the void and do the same thing for your restaurant business. It also helps you monitor and optimize customer satisfaction attributes like booking experience, ambiance, hospitality, food quality and many more.

With analytical study of customer feedback data, you can contemplate & run a successful loyalty program which is exciting and relevant for your customers, like giving appropriate rewards on each dining which can be redeemed by the customers in their next dine out.

Food & Restaurants chain giants understand the importance of a customer’s lifetime value thus their customer loyalty program plays a vital role in their revenue strategy and brand making,e.g. Domino’s Offers like “Get 2 regular pizza at Rs.99/- “, “30-minute free pizza delivery policy” attracts huge customers and also retain the existing customers. Smart restaurants have realized that customer loyalty is the most important sales & marketing tool that they have.

Customers tend to get more attracted where they are offered various loyalty programs. CCD offers reward points on every food or beverage purchase at their stores using their App. This is done to attract more customers and inculcate a feeling in customers that they are getting services at low cost in their next purchase.

Customer loyalty program can also be run to make your customers refer their friends your restaurants, and as more and more people start consuming the same service through these loyalty programs, it will create a trust factor among your customers base & hence the credibility of your restaurant will increase. 

Loyalty programs should be attractive, also it should have a quotient of emotional intelligence. Many times, loyalty programs don’t work properly because customers find it difficult to connect with it. With the help of right study of collected data of customer feedback’s, you can plan customer specific loyalty programmer which persuade the customer to visit your restaurant regularly.

Customers generally look for the immediate incentive, not too complicated as in few restaurants ask for reward cards, such restaurants should have a hassle-free online presence & etc. A great saying “Loyal Customers, they don’t just come back, they don’t simply recommend you, they insist that their friends do come to you”!


Run a loyalty program which engage your customer often and the most! All the best!

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