Why Restaurant need to be active on social media?

Nowadays, Social Media has become an integral part of our daily lives. On Facebook & Instagram alone, a person spends an average of 50 minutes every day. From children to old age people, everyone is a part of the virtual Social network. Everyone is interested in sharing and knowing other’s story. Be it what’s happening around to shopping, chatting, working, or buying any new product, everyone wants others opinion about it and brand presence on the online social world. That means a restaurant has better opportunity to reach out to the customer on online social media than any other offline media like outdoor advertising & etc.



Online Social media not only help you increase your customers reach but it also helps your restaurant brand engage with your customers your customers. Before ordering any food or going to a restaurant, customers search the restaurants and its review on Social Media & food/restaurant discovery websites like Zomato, Dineout & etc. So, it’s very crucial for any restaurant to have an online social media presence for its brand awareness and promotions.

People are ready to pay more for a brand to get associated with its attributes. E.g. it brings a sense of pride among people even if they spend more money in a particular restaurant. This is known as the Snob Effect. Like a lot of people would spend three times their money in Starbucks café for a coffee than they would spend in a local café shop. While creating a brand in today’s digital world, where almost all your target customers are on social media, your social media presence becomes vital for your restaurant brand recognition.

There is a tendency among people that if most of the people are using the same product, more people are likely to use that same product. Being active on social media such as Facebook or Instagram creates a trust factor in the minds of people. Also, to popularise one’s brand and customer engagement, restaurants often create campaigns like selfie and hashtag campaign. Many youngsters then go to those cafes and click pictures only because it has become a trend on social media. Your brand is not what you tell your customers, it’s what customers tell, and your social media followings help your restaurant become a brand, people wants to be associated with.

Influences play a great role in building up a brand. A lot of restaurants are ready to pay the huge amount to food bloggers just so that they will write about their restaurant. Food bloggers are highly active on social media and have a huge fan base there. through their blogs&social media posts, a restaurant reaches out to their target audience.

Social media also gives your brand most geographical reach. Most of us must have come across lots of restaurants, cafes or dhabas which are famous in a particular locality or area but lack its reach in other locations. It is because of their lack of ability to make people aware of their products and services and take the business to the next level. Social Media helps you fill that void, through different campaign type on social media you can easily segregate your audience type and target them to build your brand.

Through Social media presence, you can also connect with your corporate customers. LinkedIn provides a great platform to meet like-minded professionals. Also, on Facebook, there are lots of groups and pages where people can connect with their clients. We can reach out to various customers based on geography, gender, interests, and profession by running various campaigns. Restaurants can also display their menu, offers, and specialty on social media.

Be active & engaging on social media, & let customers find your restaurant.

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