Why Restaurant Should use TMBill POS ?


1.Support 24*7 and Works on Suggestions

Our first priority is customer support and fulfilling’s customer requirements.Our team first understand the problems and needs of restaurants, accordingly provide the best-suited solutions.as per the survey conducted by WTO, a large group of consumers says that customer service is much more important than price.Our customer support team work 24*7, we provide training to restaurant staff and owners.


2. Prevention is better than cure:

It’s easier to stop fraud and theft to happen in the first place than to repair the damages after theft and fraud has taken place, and our restaurant POS software just does that.TMBill POS generates more than 40 reports which come with our POS software to eliminate fraud and prevention from its roots.


3.Focus on Most selling items:

TMBill POS gives you notification of most selling items in your restaurant.Owners of the restaurant can be analyzed and revised the menu accordingly.


4.Most easy to use POS:

While designing and developing POS, We have kept in mind,User experience and interface of POS must be user-friendly and interactive for restaurant staff.


5.Faster and efficient :

While an employee is processing your customer’s order from the counter, Another employee can simply take the order of the next customer from our TMBill Captain Ordering Android App. It’s that simple!


6.Customer Loyalty Program:

While keeping track of your repeated customers, TMBill Loyalty App can reward restaurants customers by giving points, offers or promo code. acquiring new customers cost more for restaurants than the old one.

Customer loyalty is a new success mantra for any successful business.


To know more how TMBill can help you and your restaurant in keeping doors open to your restaurant for a Long-term and without any hiccups, contact us at +919850448847 or simply visit www.tmbill.in