Why Restaurants get shut despite delivering best food quality?


Bad Staff Management

Good behavior sometimes means simply putting up with customer’s mood. Rude waiters and managers often irritate customers, which causes loss of regular customers. That is why many restaurants have introduced Customer feedback management system so that they can get to know whether their staff is behaving properly or not with the customers.Download Free Customer feedback App

Improper Inventory Management

Generally small restaurants don’t feel the necessity of keeping the records of small raw material inventories thereby they incur huge losses. Too much inventory can have an adverse effect on profit & loss. For example, the raw material may become obsolete, get damaged, expire etc. So, there is a need of proper inventory management where owner will get to know exact amount of raw materials needed, not too much nor too less.


Vague Target Audience

Target audience should always be specific. One should know who their customers are. No focus on specific audience generally result in shutting down of restaurants. For example, one should know whether they are targeting youngsters, couples or family audience and accordingly decide their hotel ambiance, menu and dishes.


Imprecise Data Analysis

Maintaining proper sales report, item report, inventory report in the form of graph, pie charts and tables often help the restaurant owners to see the picturesque view of his business performance.


No Engagement with regular customers

Making your presence known to your customers is another way of retaining your old customers. Customers feel happy if they receive offers or discounts through messaging, mail or ads.


Failing to Understand the customers

In today’s digital world customer’s feedback can make or break a Restaurant. Often feedback of customers are neglected or even some restaurant owners don’t focus too much on reviews and feedback’s of customers. Bad review on popular sites like Zomato, Foodpanda, Dineout is clearly not a happy news.


Poor Ambiance

The look and feel of a restaurant is of utmost importance that often important meetings, dating or even spending quality time with family is decided on the basis of ambiance of the restaurant. That is why so many restaurants spend so much amount and time deciding whether their restaurant will be roof top, closed area, sports look etc.


Uncertain Pricing

Proper pricing can impact a business in a huge way. Both under-pricing and overpricing are not good. The customers won’t turn up to your restaurant if they get same quality of food in another restaurant with less price. Also, too much of under pricing creates a bandwagon effect. Often restaurants complain no matter how delicious they provide desserts, they are always ordered if they are priced low.


Inappropriate Billing Management System

This is one of the most important reason small and new restaurants are facing. Improper billing software may to lead to poor inventory management, bad staff management, improper data analysis. Also, a neat and clean user interface is always soothing to the eyes and makes your task easier.


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